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About Us

Signpost e-Journals is part of the Research Signpost group, which has published over 2500 review books of distinction, written and edited by eminent scientists from important laboratories and universities all over the world. These books cover all areas of science. In operation from 1996, the Signpost group has acquired a reputation for publishing review books of rare merit and importance fast.

Websites of the other Scientific Publishing Concerns of the Group

The URLs of the other publishing concerns of the Research Signpost group are: , and

Mini Websites

There are also mini sites like: which gives concise and clear information about compiling and editing a book for Research Signpost.


There is also a “PUB FAST” scheme where small books, works, manuscripts and lecture notes are published fast with ISBN. These works are typically 35to 120 pages long. The details are given in a mini website:

Signpost Open Access Journals

Feeling the need to make research results available world-wide without any barriers, the Research Signpost group has started the signpost e-Journals program. Here the users can freely read, download, print and distribute the journal articles available in the Signpost e-Journals without the need for getting any permission from us.

Institutional Membership

Signpost e-Journals charges an article processing charge from the author(s). To relieve the authors of these charges, it offers institutional memberships to universities, labs, research institutions and other organizations so that the research work of their members can be published without having the authors(s) to pay the publication fees. A 10% Concession is offered to the authors who come under institutional memberships. A datasheet of the articles published would be sent to the concerned authority when articles are published under the institutional membership scheme. For institutional memberships, please write to: .